Boost Your Performance with Schisandra

    If you’re tired of one supplement after another being touted as a breakthrough and want something a bit more established in its benefits, Schisandra might be just what you’re looking for. A stable of traditional Chinese medicine, a performance enhancer that many athletes swear by, and one of the most versatile herbal supplements in terms of preparation potential, this berry grown in China and Russia is known to have some very real benefits. Whether you’re athletic or just very busy, you might find that this gives you the lift you need.

    What It Does
    Schisandra is used for the following benefits:

    • It can reduce fatigue
    • It can make it easier to concentrate
    • It can increase physical performance potential
    • It is full of anti-oxidants

    Schisandra is also claimed to have antiaging properties and, of course, everyone is interested in those. This herbal supplement, however, is very interesting in how long it’s been around. Cultivating this berry is a big business in China, there’s a lot of demand, and it doesn’t seem to be a flash in the pan in the world of health supplements by any means.

    Why It’s Popular
    Like drinks that contain caffeine, Schisandra has been used for many years, even centuries. The benefits that have been borne out by testing principally include those that are related to better athletic performance. These studies used an extract containing 3.4% of Schisandra, which was given at a dosage of 91mg/day.

    There have been other dosages experimented with, as well, which have shown the same benefits, so a bit of experimentation here is probably not at all out of order as some people may need a bit more than others.

    Promising Benefits
    There are other benefits that are being investigated related to Schisandra. They include helping to reduce stress due to positive effects on the nervous system. They also include helping with some respiratory issues and with helping to improve the function of and protect the liver, all significant benefits that most people would likely have a great interest in taking advantage of.

    This supplement can be taken as a pill, an extract or, if you prefer, as a tea. It’s not known for being a particularly tasty drink but, like other performance enhances, acquiring the taste may really end up providing significant benefits, particularly for those who need a bit more energy, to be able to concentrate better or to increase their athletic performance.

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