Schisandra for Better Performance

    Schisandra is a berry that is grown primarily in China. It also grows in Russia and is popular throughout Asia and, increasingly, worldwide as a supplement. It’s generally prepared as a tea, but can also be taken as a powder, as an extract or as a capsule.

    Schisandra isn’t something you would want to eat directly. It has a very complex flavor but, overall, not a particularly pleasant one. Prepared correctly in a tea, however, it can be quite good. The flavor isn’t what people are after when they prepare and consume this particular berry, however.

    The Health Benefits
    Schisandra is primarily known as a performance enhancer. That’s a relatively broad term, of course, which requires some clarification.

    Schisandra is widely accepted to be effective for:

    • Increasing energy levels
    • Helping with coordination
    • Increasing endurance
    • Increasing concentration

    These types of benefits make it popular with people who take care of their health in general. Like other herbal supplements that offer these benefits, Schisandra has a particular appeal to those who like to stay physically fit and, because of the concentration benefits, those who need to remain mentally sharp, as well.

    There are other benefits that are being investigated scientifically, as well, but that have made the berry popular in traditional forms of medicine, particularly traditional Chinese medicine.

    The long history of use gives Schisandra quite a bit of appeal for those who want a herbal supplement that doesn’t smack of the latest, greatest thing and that has some backing in terms of long-term use. Not only has this berry been used in traditional Chinese medicine, but it’s also very popular with athletes in that nation and all over Asia, so there are quite a few people out there who greatly depend upon having peak performance who use this berry and, apparently, continue to do so because they get results.

    Is it Right for You?
    Schisandra might be what you’re looking for if you want a versatile supplement in terms of preparation options. If you want something simple, you can get it in pill form, but be sure you check the purity and make sure you only buy form a reputable company.

    For tea preparations, the taste might take a while to get used to, but it’s certainly got a long history of use in this form. For a pick-me-up that offers performance enhancing benefits, Schisandra really has some strong endorsements and a positive history of use.

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